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Ken Howard“Mike Hodge knows what’s important to working members because he is one. He knows first-hand the challenges we face and has a no-nonsense approach to getting things done, no matter how tough. I’ve always counted on Mike’s leadership because he comes through for NY members time and again. If I were a New York member, I’d be voting for Mike Hodge as president. Early next year we begin contract talks for Film, TV, Cable, and New Media and no one will fight harder to protect actors than Mike Hodge and USAN. Their integrity and commitment make them a valuable asset not just for New Yorkers, but for all SAG-AFTRA members. They are the leaders I trust.”
–SAG-AFTRA National Co-President Ken Howard

“Ken Howard, Mike Hodge and USAN are the clear choice to lead SAG-AFTRA to a strong future. From job-creating NY production incentives to the overwhelming success of our merger, they have achieved some important goals & have demonstrated leadership we can count on.”
–Alec Baldwin


Photo: Mary Ellen Matthews


“It’s crucial that we are fairly paid in cable television and new media. With negotiations coming up, it’s Mike and USAN I trust.”
– S. Epatha Merkerson

“Whether it’s caring for NY members by promoting the Superstorm Sandy Fund or fighting for a better deal, Mike Hodge and the USAN team always get the job done. Vote USAN.”
–Ron Perlman



“Ken Howard, Mike Hodge & the USAN team led us to merger–I knew they would. I would love to see the good work that this team has done continue. With your vote, they can! Please vote for Ken, Mike & USAN.”
–Susie Essman

“Join me in voting for Mike Hodge & the entire USAN team in this historic NY election. They are the model of inclusion and truly represent our diverse membership across the board — their leadership, experience and vision is key to moving SAG-AFTRA forward.”
–Phylicia Rashad



“I know without a doubt that our new union is stronger because of Mike & the USAN team. They’re smart advocates for us — they are us! Join me and vote for Mike Hodge & USAN.”
— Margo Martindale

“After so many attempts by the unions, Mike Hodge and USAN pushed merger across the finish line. We need the new union to be stronger than the old ones. I believe USAN can make that happen.”
– Isiah Whitlock, Jr.


Tamara Tuni

“Mike Hodge and the USAN team promised us merger. They delivered. I am confident they will continue to deliver.”
–Tamara Tunie

“In a time when income inequality seems the way of the world, our unions are perhaps the last and best defense. Only powerful unions have any hope of leveling the playing field. SAG-AFTRA is a shinning example of what a great union can still accomplish. USAN is committed to that vision.”
–John Rothman



“Having led SAG and AFTRA to merger, now USAN will lead the way to an approach to cable that works. Go Mike Hodge & USAN!”
–James McDaniel

“I’ve been a proud part of USAN since its inception. Mike Hodge and his current USAN team are an inspiration. They bring trusted, experienced leadership, and a great group of passionate new voices. These are the people we want to lead New York at this historic moment in SAG-AFTRA.”
–Michelle Hurd


“I’m a NY actor with 40+ years in the business on both coasts (and every state in between). The thoughtful, experienced leaders in USAN brought us merger. They are the only team I trust to move SAG-AFTRA forward with vision and integrity.”
–Richard Kline

“I am a proud union member and I have been working on stage, on camera and in the recording studio since I was a child. I couldn’t be more thrilled that the union movement in this country has such energized advocates. Mike Hodge and his USAN team helped merge SAG and AFTRA. And I look forward to the day when all of our entertainment unions will speak with one voice.”
–Leslie Uggams



“In all my years in this business one thing is for certain: change. Whether it be new technologies or the industry itself, you must have leaders who understand this. Vote USAN.”
— Joyce Randolph

“As a singer, recording artist and actress, I have lived through constantly evolving trends in the world of entertainment. Mike Hodge and USAN get it. Their effort is always to be ahead of the curve, and the team they have assembled brings diversity and depth, experience and fresh optimism. It’s the only team I trust to move SAG-AFTRA forward. Join me in supporting the proven leadership of Mike Hodge and USAN.”
–Sarah Dash Formerly of Labelle


SAG-AFTRA Leaders about Mike Hodge & USAN

“When hard work needs to be done, I’ve always depended on Mike Hodge, Rebecca Damon and the rest of the USAN team. In the tough fights ahead – in areas like cable TV and new media – Mike and USAN will stand strong. Their record of success and credibility with members make them the easy choice in New York.”
–SAG-AFTRA Executive Vice President Ned Vaughn

“The USAN slate truly represents our membership with the most diverse group of performers running for the board; performers of all income levels who’ve worked every contract and honor and respect every aspect of that work. I was proud to have been part of the USAN slate for my eleven years of board service, and am proud to support Mike Hodge and this year’s dedicated group of USAN candidates. Vote for Mike Hodge and USAN. Vote for your careers and for continuing to create more union work on all media platforms. Vote for your future. Let’s keep getting it done by the people who got it done. “
— Nancy Giles, SAG-AFTRA National Board Member

“I support USAN unreservedly. They have been great partners to all of us in Unite For Strength and together we were able to move Legacy SAG to merger…after 60 years of member’s efforts to accomplish this! Hats off.”
–Jenny O’Hara, SAG-AFTRA National Board Member

“Mike Hodge has always demonstrated a strong command of the issues that most affect performers. His leadership style is inclusive and respectful, yet unflinching when it comes to the interests of his constituents. He’s a terrific leader and if I lived in New York, I’d be voting for Mike.”
— Assaf Cohen, SAG-AFTRA National Board Member

“As a SAG & AFTRA member for over 35 years, I’ve served on many committees and task forces with members of USAN. I fought along side them for merger and other issues. New York has benefitted greatly from their service.”
-Scott Rogers, SAG-AFTRA National Board Member

“As a Disc Jockey & Voice Over Actor, I worked for Merger for over a quarter of a century. Now, at last, we are One Union electing our new leaders for the first time. As a former SAG National Vice President, AFTRA New York Vice President and member of the National and Local Boards of both unions, I believe the USAN Team headed by Mike Hodge as New York President is the best team to bring home our vision of One Union for Broadcasters, Recording Artists, Actors and all performers.”
–Dan Ingram
New York DJ for over 40 years on WABC AM & WCBS FM
Former SAG National VP, AFTRA NY VP & longtime SAG & AFTRA National & Local Board Member
Edward R. Murrow Award Winner

“It took more than 40 years to achieve MERGER; now we need the USAN team to make it work!”
— Eugene Francis, Former Equity Councillor, Former TVA chair, Former AFRA VP, Former SAG VP, SAG Foundation Board Emeritus

“Mike Hodge loves NY. He cares passionately about our members. I served with him during the formation of USAN, when we went through some dark times in NY and nationally. He stood strong for our members whether at the negotiating table, on set, or in the Board Room. Vote Mike Hodge and USAN!”
–Jack Landron, Former SAG National Board Member

“I know Mike Hodge to be a man of immense personal integrity and goodwill. He often works well into the night, returning phone calls, addressing the needs of both members and staff because he wants to, because that’s who he is. There’s no attitude of entitlement, only humility and a tireless desire to serve. I’m proud to know Mike Hodge and proud to call him my friend. Please vote for Mike Hodge & USAN.”
–Angela Bullock, Former SAG National Board Member


*Titles above are used for identification purposes only and do not imply any official position or endorsement of SAG-AFTRA.*

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