ONE UNION. Merger was just the beginning. While USAN has always been for MERGER and one union, we hardly feel our work is done. Whether you are an actor, broadcaster, singer, dancer, stunt performer or recording artist, we will put your voice in the boardroom. Our USAN candidates from President to Board Members to Delegates are your voice in your union.

We are members from all walks of life representing both ends of the earning scale (along with the struggles) and everywhere in between. We are both vested as well as working toward that goal. Some of us struggle to qualify for health care, which never seems to get easier. We are a coalition of SAG-AFTRA members, and while we originated in NY, we have supported and included candidates from every local across the country who care deeply about this union and their careers. We are members who depend on SAG-AFTRA contracts to feed our families, pay our rent or mortgages, and provide health care coverage. We will do whatever it takes to preserve our ability to do so.

In other words-WE ARE YOU!

Here’s what you get with USAN candidates:

  • Responsible and progressive leadership with Integrity. USAN understands that our TRUE adversaries are the multinational corporations that we negotiate with under every contract, not each other.
  • Complete transparency with the membership. USAN believes in a union that communicates honestly with its membership.
  • A diversity of working professionals working for you – to bring you more opportunities to keep you working, to keep SAG-AFTRA strong, and to be the model for other unions in this country and around the world.


We are dedicated to:

  • Being a powerful advocate for anyone who works in front of a camera or behind a microphone.
  • Strengthening ties with organized labor especially our sister entertainment unions to enhance our bargaining power.
  • Combining our Pension & Health and Health & Retirement plans. USAN is committed to a swift, but thoughtful and responsible merger of our plans.
  • A true national and united SAG-AFTRA, where all the voices in all categories in all locals are seen, heard and counted.
  • Bringing more work back to the U.S. with real world solutions.
  • Finding creative approaches to organizing new work across the country.
  • Fighting the encroachment of non-union work.
  • Franchising and regulating our agents.
  • Stabilizing SAG-AFTRA’s long term fiscal health.
  • Working with our foundations to increase our career programming, literacy initiative (BookPALS), and health and emergency assistance for New York members.
  • Creating legislative tax initiatives to keep more of your money in your pocket.

USAN is dedicated to protecting everyone who works in front of a camera or microphone. Founded in Screen Actors Guild as United Screen Actors Nationwide, our new mission is to Unite SAG-AFTRA Nationwide. USAN representatives work in every area of the entertainment and media industries and are committed to securing the strongest wages and working conditions for SAG-AFTRA members across all media.